We are far greater than all of

God's creation for we were made

by Him & for His good pleasure.

At Compassion for the Abused, I dedicate myself to reach out to all those who have been abused or assaulted or who are now being abused.  I want to encourage you and inspire you to reach out for all the help that is available for healing, through the Living God. On the way to your inner healing, you will make new discoveries of your Lord & Father and your true self and in time be able to touch others when new doors are opened up for you.   Breaking the silence is the beginning of your journey...And for those of us who have gained some healing, together we can raise the awareness on the crime of child sexual abuse & assault through the knowledge & experiences we have gained in our pursuit of healing.  

Yours in Christ, ChristinaRose ~~April, 2014

 Proverbs 31:8--"Speak up for those who

cannot speak for themselves"