~ BOOK LIST ~

These are some of the books that were helpful to me along my journey.  

Those with an (*)  signify that it is a Christian based book.  The books that

are in bold type are the ones that were, in particular very helpful,

instructive or useful to me.  Perhaps there may be a resource here for you as well.


A Betrayal of Innocence---David B. Peters *

A House Divided---Katherine Edwards *

Awakening the Slumbering Spirit---John & Paula Sandford *

​A Way of Seeing---Edith Schaeffer *

Affliction---Edith Schaeffer *

​At the Name of Jesus---Sarah Hornsby *

Boundaries---Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. John Townsend *

​Brainspotting---David Grand

​Brain books & music---Neil Slade

Breaking Free---Pia Melody, Andrea W. Miller *

Breaking Free of the Co-Dependency Trap---Barry and Janae Weinhold

Breathe---Nicole Braddock Bromley *

Childhood It Should Not Hurt!---Claire R. Reeves

Choosing Forgiveness---John & Paula Sandford

Common Sense Christian Living---Edith Schaeffer *

Dear Jesus---Sarah Young *

Destined for the Cross--Paul E. Bilheimer *

Destined for the Throne--Paul E. Bilheimer *

Don't Waste Your Sorrows---Paul E. Bilheimer *

Dorie The Girl Nobody Loved---Dorie VanStone with Erwin Lutzer *

Door of Hope---Jan Frank *

​EMDR---Francine Shapiro

Emotional Blackmail---Susan Forward

Facing Co-dependence---Pia Melody *

Facing Love Addiction---Pia Melody *

Family Secrets---John Bradshaw *

From Sorrows to Sapphires---Angela Williams *

Genuine Character---Witness Lee *

Glenda's Story---Glenda Revell *

Growing Pains---John & Paula Sandford *

Healing After Trauma---Jasmin Lee Cori

Healing the Child Within---Charles L. Whitefield

Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse---Lynn Heitritter, Jeanette Vought *

Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse---Paula Sandford *

Hind's Feet on High Places---A devotional for women---Hannah Hurnard *

​His Majesty in Brokenness---Judy Squier

​Hush---Nicole Braddock Bromley *

Inside the Mind of Sexual Offenders---Dennis J. Stevens

​Into Abba's Arms---Sandra D. Wilson *

It Happens Everyday---Robin Sax

I Can't Get Over It---Aphrodite Matsakis

I Will Give You Rest---Ed Kurath *

Jesus Lives---Sarah Young *

​Ministering to the Lord---Roxanne Brant

Miss America by Day---Marilyn VanDerBur

New Optimum Nutrition for the Mind---Patrick Holford

No Comfort Zone---Marla Handy

​No Place to Cry---Dorie VanStone with Erwin Lutzer *

No Tears for My Father---Viga Boland   (graphic)

No Visible Wounds---Mary Susan Miller

Panic Child---Carol D. Levine

​Predators and Child Molesters---Robin Sax

Predators Pedophiles, Rapists, & Other Sex Offenders---Anna C Salter

Released from Shame---Sandra D. Wilson *

Seducers Among our Children---Patrick Crough *

Shame and Guilt---Jane Middleton-Moz

Shattered Dreams---Charlotte Fedders & Laura Elliot

Soul Care---Peter Lord *

Strong at the Broken Places---Linda T. Sanford

The Anger Workbook---Les Carter, Dr. Frank Minirth *

The Art of Life---Edith Schaeffer *

​The Body Remembers---Babette Rothschild

The Broken Heart---James J. Lynch

The Bruises of Satan---Carroll Thompson *

The Cry of the Soul---Dr. Dan B. Allender *

The Dance of Anger---Harriet Goldhor Lerner

​The Effects of Trauma and How to Deal with It---Jim Banks

The Healing Path---Dr. Dan B. Allender *

The Heart of Being Helpful---Peter R. Breggin, MD

The Intimacy Factor---Pia Melody *

The Pure in Heart---Witness Lee *

The Right to Innocence---Beverly Engel 

The Transformation of the Inner Man---John & Paula Sandford *

The Wounded Heart--Dr. Dan B. Allender *

To Be Told---Dr. Dan B. Allender *

Transforming the Inner Man---John & Paula Sandford *

Trust After Trauma---Aphrodite Matsakis

Unlocking the Heart of the Artist:  A Practical Guide...---Matt Tommey

Waking the Tiger---Peter A. Levine

We Weep for Ourselves and our Children---Joanne R. Feldmeth, Midge W. Finley *

You Can!---Dr. Frank Minirth *

Your inner Child of the Past---W. Hugh Missildine

Your Scars are Beautiful to God---Sharon Jaynes *