c. 1997

Deep calls unto Deep I hear My Master say So open up your heart, my child For you ~ this is the way. Not to hide ~ but to bare thyself to One who knows but all & yet & still Loves deeply ~ all of you & more. “A mystery,” I hear you say Your heart can’t comprehend And yet, I say again, my own I love you deeply ~ all of you & more. Psalm 42:7-Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts; all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me.  Yet the LORD will command His loving-kindness in the daytime, and in the night His song shall be with me and my prayer unto the God of my life.  

Purify this vessel Purify this soul. Grant to me your rays of light Give to me your gift of sight.
Purify this vessel Purify this soul. Make me clean, oh, let It be! Make me holy, before Thee.
Purify this vessel Purify this soul. Create in me Thy righteous ways Until upon Thy Face I gaze.
Psalm 51---Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Titus 2:14---Who gave Himself for us that He might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto Himself a people of His own, zealous of good works. 1 John 3:2-3---Beloved, now are we the children of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be, but we know that, when He shall appear, we shall be like Him; for we shall see Him as he is.  And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself even as He is pure.

  You are the Potter I am the clay And on your wheel I choose to stay. Your work in me That does mold and shape This, I know, is for your Name’s Sake. Yet surely there’s no way That I could perform Any such marvels that indeed transform. So when I buck your hand And frown and weep And cry out for this Pain to cease --

I pray, O God, You will be deaf To all my earnest cries of flesh And overrule my fears and strife By Your holy hand and powerful life. So have your way Knead and bend and press-- If you must For I am but a speck of dust. And make of me all that YOU desire So that your heart and mine-- TOGETHER... would burn in the fire of your love!         Jeremiah 18---The word which came to Jeremiah from the LORD, saying, arise, and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will cause thee to hear my words.  Then I went down to the potter’s house, and behold, he wrought a work on the wheels.  And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter; so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it.  Then the word of the LORD came to me, saying, O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the LORD.  Behold, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel.

Dear Jesus, my own love, I bring to You the black spots on the garment of my soul. Fill me with that First Love-- O lover of my soul. Keep me contrite and humble-
Seeing and bringing to Your Bosom The sins of my life--freely and truly. O Lord, separate me unto Yourself And do not allow me to follow anyone else Deepen this love So I know the path and the call to take with You-- The heart and the song of the bride.  

(this is written to those who
are truly the Lord’s own) All over this darkened world I see the hidden ones-the desperate, yet sometimes barely breathing ones-men and women in despair, still waiting...some without hope, doubtful of the rescue of their seeming terminal condition. The scene is devastating to my heart yet I whisper, Lord, I will pray with you for them and especially for the hidden wounded one within them.  They cry secretly and desperately in the deep silence and sometimes with a loud cry of hysteria that seems “other worldly”.  O Lord, raise up and heal these tattered souls and give them your divine light and true hope so that they will join with us to love, nurture and pray for their own tormented children that they have submerged for so long...within themselves.  These buried poisons of depression, madness, shame and hurt must erupt as a volcano that spews out its blazing fury. You, O God, see it all and you know how to set the captives free.  Come, O tender One, with the mysterious rendering of your loving hand and declare with the words of your mouth--the grace they need--to look up, to know the way and the path, the song and the heart of You  that calls them onward and out of the deep forest of confused entrapment.  Lift up their ever-languishing spirits to gaze into your very face of radiant love. I hear you speak, “This wonder of healing can be done for I have the power and it’s thru my love that this marvelous operation will take place for the despairing, lacerated children within ‘till the hidden wounded ones know they are a new creation &  that they can become more one  with Me.  This is My work and by My hand I will raise up My beloved ones to behold Me.  I will consume all within each precious one and thereby...shine forth!  I will declare with a divine passion... you are mine”        
 O Lord, I’ve battled for so long to hold onto and keep all my defenses and walls. After all, they have kept me hidden--hidden so well. Yet all the while You saw me, that is, the real me In the deepest parts--with all of my struggles to get out,-- To break-thru from all of those same defenses and walls that I so diligently built up.  O, it took me so many years and so much energy.  I became an expert at it.  No one really knew who I was--but You, O Lord, always knew me and loved me and You patiently awaited for the time that I had lost all the strength I had used to build up my own hiding places.  And then they began to crumble...and I felt, too, that I was crumbling inside. “It’s all right,” You whispered, ���this is the way, walk in it.  I’m right here beside you and I am moved with compassion.  Now that you are ready--take My hand and walk with me thru this dark and “losing” place once again, so that as you lose the self that you built up, you can place your trust in Me more fully and all I have yet planned for the new you.” Ah, sweet devastation, you can bring release!  Who can understand it?  I cannot!  BUT HE CAN!  The One who created me...and now and yet and still ~He is creating me and redeeming me from all the darkness and the pain of past years.  The desperation will breathe forth yet another glorious birth!    

COME TO ME SONG 4/20/03  Resurrection Day
For all those who hear, I say, Come to Me. You have need of rest ~You know not your heart I know you, my child and I know your needs. So fear not for I love you ~Fear not to draw near For I am thy Holy God, and you are my beloved
I invite you ~ yes, I know you ever fall short, I say, Come to Me, my own, yes, come to Me. Wherever you are, my child ~ I’m here for you To draw you near to Me . . . Enjoy My Intimacy.
Matthew 11:28-30--Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and ever burdened, and I will cause you to rest--I will ease and relieve and refresh your souls.  Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for I am gentle (meek) and humble (lowly) in heart, and you will find rest--relief, ease and refreshment and recreation and blessed quiet--for your souls.  For My yoke is wholesome (useful, good)--not harsh, hard, sharp or pressing, but comfortable, gracious and pleasant; and My burden is light and easy to be borne.
                                            IT'S YOUR POWER SONG 7/96
It’s the power of your love That carries us through It’s the power of your graces They’re poured on us anew It’s the power of your mercies Ever drawing us near O Yahweh . . . I love you.

It’s the power of your anointing That comes to break the yokes It’s the power of your compassion Melting our hearts with hope It’s the power of your word Ever washing over us O Yahweh . . . I love you.

It’s the power of your presence That surely makes us whole It’s the power of your goodness Filling our thirsty souls It’s the power of communion Giving us new life. O Yahweh . . . I love you.    
 Keep your eyes on Jesus, He calls to you this day He is your Beloved, He gave Himself for you. Keep your eyes on Jesus, He’s your very own Ever mindful of you, Ever loving you. Give to Him your problems, His sacrifice to consume His Blood is ever pleading, Look to Him always.
Keep your eyes on Jesus, His Spirit dwells in you For He is resurrected, He is alive again. Heb. 12:2—“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” 1 John 1:9—“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 2 Pet. 5:6-7—“Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time: casting all your care upon Him; for He cares for you. 1 Cor. 7:23—“Your are bought with a price, be not you the servants of men.”  
 When I meditate upon your bleeding on the cross, my Lord
And I think upon your every painful wound My heart swells with such a burning love for you And I fall in love with you . . . all over again.

When I muse upon the crown of thorns pressed on your head, my King And I gaze upon your nail-scarred hands and feet My heart magnifies with deeper love for you And I fall in love with you . . . all over again.
When I survey the throbbing soreness of your broken heart, my Friend How you surely were consumed by all my sin Then my heart rises with overwhelming love for you And I fall in love with you . . . all over again.

When I ponder how you chose this path of life for me, my Love And I consider You alone are all my Prize Then I take up my own cross to follow closely after You And I fall in love with you . . . all over again.
When I consider all your gentle touches, loving Master And how you brush me with your sweet kisses and embrace me Then I am struck with fervent ardor as I meet you face to face And I fall in love with you . . . all over again. 
Luke 9:23—“And He said to them all, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself,
and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.” Heb. 12:2—“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith;
who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame,
and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Heb. 13:12-14—“Wherefore Jesus also, that He might sanctify the people with His own Blood, suffered without the gate.  Let us go forth therefore unto Him without the camp,
bearing His reproach.  For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come.” 1 Pet. 4:1-2—“Forasmuch then as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind:  for He that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sin.  

I long to know You More deeply and closely I long to know You As never before. There is no one and nothing To satisfy my heart, my King But to know You more deeply And to love You more.
I yield to You, Jesus And I lay down my flesh For it’s only death in me But You are my life.
I long to know You You’re my very breath, my song I long to know You more With all of my heart. I long to know You More deeply and closely I long to know You As never before.

MY PRAYER 8/28/04

Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me, bless His Holy Name!  Lord, as the Father has loved You, so You love me…I will continue in your love.  Oh Lord, I cry unto You!  Ever deliver me from the power and course of the world with all its subtle distractions and from the powers of satan with his seducing and deceiving spirits and from the hidden deceptions of my own flesh ~ my own self life.  Blow the very dust of my flesh off of me and continue to peel everything off of me that has touched me and influenced me in the past.  Pull back the blankets of darkness and remove the hindrances and blocks, the very ruts and grooves that have found their way into my life.  Cause your fresh anointing to be kindled aflame upon my very spirit and soul and body ~ for You.  Smear me with your divine oil for I cast myself upon your mercy ~ come and rescue me!  I so desire to gaze on You, my Beloved, and serve You in your gift of righteousness. Your love can never be exhausted, Oh God.  Reach deep into the deeps of my heart and find there and bring forth that which I cannot express, for I so ache and long for that which is hidden and lying dormant, to be awakened within me.  Call me ever more to identify with You and your sufferings in deeper ways, Oh God!  Burst within me and bring me into a new expansion of your spirit, with a fresh abandonment to your love.  Takeme by the hand and by the heart and lead me into those unknown places in the spirit with you ~ to serve You.  I lay before your nail-scarred feet, my love of all loves, and I pour out my soul unto Thee.  Bring me to your original blueprint for my life, I pray!  Together, let us rebuke the enemies of my soul…you know each one by name!  Bring your vengeance upon them!  And draw me into a deeper intimacy beyond all intimacies ~ for your delight.  Bring me, your own, into a sweet communion with You.  I thank You ever and always for ~ You, my love, and for this new and living way!  I know You always hear me and that You know my very heart and every thought.  I take great delight and comfort in that!  Cause me to stand as a pillar in the Kingdom of God, overcoming every obstacle in my path, ready to let You bless those who come into my path of life ~ ever to touch, to heal, to deliver, to draw, to save!  Blessed Savior, there is none beside You ~ No ~ not one!  You are my very life and love and song ~ by your grace! Phil. 1:9-10—--Phil. 2:13—--Phil. 3:13-14—--John 6:56-57----        

MY ALL-CONQUERING GOD 7/29/05 Powerful are the many voices calling me from everywhere To join forces with them—but they only lead to death. But ever more desperate are those inner voices of my destructive nature Calling me to walk in MY WAYS! “Away with you”, I cry, but only as I truly turn to Jesus And cry out to see my deep and great need for rescue Does the grip of my depraved nature let me go—In the face of My All Conquering God—Jesus Christ Himself!
This wrestling struggle continues on—fiery tests to pass with my obedient heart
For sure—Letting Go and Letting God is another suffering of death! Ah, but then Peace comes to visit me—
The peace that passes all understanding—fills my soul! Though I have no religious garb or religious sounding labels—still, I find that I cover myself with the fig leaves of my dishonesty— My own denial—my want to rule—but only death would be the end result! O God, I plead, do not leave me with myself in all my sin and hiding But set me free and help me look at all the darkness together with You— For it’s hidden only from myself—but open and naked before You— The anger I’ve been so afraid to express—O God you’ve liberated me! I prize your gift of Repentance with a passion!
For You are My ever and always All Conquering God—
Seeing all and ever ready to remove what I’ve concealed away—
When I perceive You as You really are—and believe who You really are— Truly loving and Forgiving, Understanding beyond all understanding, Compassionate and Merciful as no other,
Teaching me with such Love and Tenderness, and Sweetness, Waiting to wash me clean—Then once again I rest in your embrace— You magnify yourself as the Majestic All Conquering God that You ever are! In spite of my damaged soul—in spite of my wounded heart—
Conquer me with your LOVE, My King!  Bring forth the hidden treasures Of the darkness of my life that will sparkle with the beauty of—YOU And let your light dazzle within my every room in me. Radiate through me increasingly as I am being set free, Day by day in this mysterious PROCESS of your jealous work You so meticulously watch over and lovingly possess as your own!  Let Your VISION come to birth!            A softened, trusting, loving heart— JUST FOR YOU, MY LOVE!        

​As I sit and ponder the wonder of You ~ Your waves of love ripple thru my very soul And the awesomeness of realizing that I have This moment with You ~Takes my breath away. I've heard it said so often ~ "just take one day at a time" And I smile as I remember how I used to worry About days and years ahead of time ~ Bringing on myself such Needless fear and torment. Now I know that I have only this breathing moment In time with You And my heart skips a beat ~ My being is flooded in Your Spirit of love. I am ever before You ~ Abandoned, free, submitted, In peace and in rejoicing ~ for . . . This moment with You IS my prize and my treasure And the very thought that You share this moment with me ~ Indeed IS Heaven. . .  itself.

 NEW EYES     6/22/06 O True and Living God~ in a miraculous, marvelous way, As we walk thru
our uncertain concerns of this day and hour with You leading the way ~ Something incredible takes place . . . From our very eyes falls our 'sight' The eyes we have held so dear  ~ our prized perspectives. . . I see them fall to the ground ~we lose them and we walk upon them~ They are forever buried in the earth... Never to be revived again! Those weighted, deceptive eyes have fallen...
The burdens of our own opinions, the lies we've been fed,
Our prideful perceptions, producing false hopes and emptiness... How our vision clouded all we viewed . . .   But we are not left without the Truth! For by the power of Your tender mercies and Your deep compassions for us, The clarity of truth begins to form ~ Born of Your Spirit in our hearts we cry out to You unceasingly, Longing for the truth  
Yes, it is so true! The truth shall set us free No matter where that may lead us In God's Kingdom! Ah...truth...how I continue to see You in a brand new way And I find it impossible to describe the fresh love I have for You and Your unfathomable ways. . . Of transforming us from each 'world' we thought We had obtained into Your open doors Gracious Father, sometimes tenderly, yet always zealously You wash our eyes, removing all that competes for our attention This gift of the New Eyes...how very precious to behold Anew and ever anew, as though being born again...and again...and agai This amazing gift of Yourself...to Your own is awe-inspiring! To think that no matter what may befall us, we know That You are truly within us and Your smile of love is upon us. . . You are a joy to our Blood-bought hearts! Thank You, Father, for all You reveal to our new, fiery sight. . . And all you wisely conceal from our New Eyes as well!                   Lover of our ransomed souls ~ I love You beyond description!

MORE OF HIM     10/2008 More of Him & Less of me-I hear it ringing in my ear But how to reach this blessedness…I know— Give up—surrender— TAKE your place in Jesus’ heart—repent! 
It seems to be the hardest way & yet when done— It brings such joy & pleasure To my Savior & to my heart—the same!

IN YOUR LOVING SIGHT   11/02/08   O LORD, when all seems dark and lost, beyond repair You come along with heart and love and care. For You are devoted to Your own And there is none like You alone.   Like a Knight in shining armor You gallop in full rapture. Your eyes so full of fiery sparkle Strongly sweep me in Your loving call Within myself, how truly frail I’ll ever be You know my heart, for you always see… And yet, to rescue me is your delight As I am always in your sight.   So embrace me now, my Precious Lord And seize me with your knightly sword And make of me a brand new heart For we will never be apart!  
OPEN HEAVEN  OUR INHERITANCE 12/18/08 The Open Heaven ~ our inheritance! O Lord God, I revel in You And in Your removal of the curtain that stood between us For so many years…that barrier that Only You Had the power to cancel ~ for me…how I love You! How many times has the enemy of my soul Tried to hide this Open Heaven from me~ Only You know and I shudder to think of it. But because you are ever faithful to your own, You continue to reveal Yourself In more radiant ways than ever before! I am hungry to be ever more hungry and thirsty And to eat and drink of You ~ To breathe in the power of Your life and love. Increase, O God, and cause me to ever decrease. My heart's cry Is to lose my life…that I might save it, And for You to draw my own Into Your loving heart and Kingdom of True liberty and freedom!

I WANT TO THANK YOU   Prayer or song    9/22/09 Father, I want to thank You with all my heart For You & all your creation…it’s all so beautiful If I couldsing a million songs & live a million years, I could never, ever thank You enough for The splendor of it all, abounding all around me. Father, how I thank You (for) as You turned your eyes away, Jesus drank your cup of wrath & became sin for me-(it’s all a marvel to me) If I could sing a million songs & live a million years, I could never ever thank You enough for all You are & mean to me. And Jesus, how I thank You for  your loving heart And your sacrifice & everlasting scars…Oh the wonder of it all. If I could sing a million songs & live a million years, I could never, ever thank You enough for all You are and do for me. And Holy Spirit, flowing from the heart of my Savior & Love Serving me with graces I sorely need…abounding in & thru me… If I could sing a million songs & live a million years, I could never ever thank You enough dear Holy Spirit for all You give to me. 
Living Yahweh, how my heart thanks you I love You more than song or words can say. 
You’re my miracle of life. If I could sing a million songs & live a million years, I could never ever thank You enough for the grandeur of You... Hallowed, yet so mindful of me… I honor You, I worship You, I adore You.

DEEP INSIDE   4-12-10 Deep inside I know There is a yearning & a stirring To reach out & up Into the very heart of my God! Search though I may--I seem to ever desire And never come to that place of depth I’m looking for-- Ah, My God’s delight is my undying pursuit Of Him & His most perfect way for me! Ah yes, He is within, I know--
I see Him there throughout my days & nights In all my trials--in everything And yet I yearn & search for more-- For though I’ve found my faithful love I pant for ever more. More of Him, My lovely Lord-- More of His precious heart revealed More of His living breath And marvelous ways--more of oneness With my sovereign King In Life, in suffering, in Rule & reign with Him He is the one I ever search for--ever more.

ONCE AGAIN 2013 You, O Lord, always come to my rescue When I feel like one more day would be As a crashing avalanche upon my soul. You take pity on me As you look upon me And You grace me Once Again To call on You, however feeble Might be my cry. You give new strength, new sight, new hope And Once Again, all seems well Under the shadow of your Eternal Love and faithfulness. You draw me to bask in Your Transforming love and peace And my smile of gratefulness Returns to my countenance… For You and You alone Are my life and my joy And You and You alone Give your transforming power In mercy and compassion As You meet me where I am With Your kind and patient and loving heart~ Truly, there is no end to You and Your Eternal supply of all I desperately need~ You appear when I call And call I will do, by Your grace~ Until my last breath~ Only to meet You Once Again… Face to face. 

I FALL INTO YOUR LOVING ARMS 12/23/2013 I love the way that You lead me One thing leads to the next and to the next Weaving a fabric of marvelous interconnections Of the Beauty of the Mysterious, Miraculous Workings of Your Hands and Heart… Such love…such mercy… NO ONE can ever duplicate the Prophetic landscape You possess… For You are the King of TIme and Space… And I fall into Your loving arms. (This fabric is woven with truth, deliverance, relationships, gratefulness, praise, thankfulness, adoration, worship, tears & sorrows, losses, pain, joy, discoveries, healing, the releases of bitter roots & unforgiveness, etc.)


The following writing came about as a result of God leading me to watch "Dark Roots, Withered Soul" by Bill Schnoebelen.  At the end of this video, B. Schnoebelen mentioned Edward Kurath & the book, "I Will Give You Rest". I called Ed & we talked for about 45 minutes.  He mentioned that I had a jungle within & he understood why & also that I had a lot to work thru. Of course, this is all accomplished by God's Grace! THE JUNGLE WITHIN--THE ROOTS OF BITTERNESS 1/15/14 A jungle I may have within Thru all manner of sin Yet I know with all my heart That as I do my part Jesus will save me from this dense tangle Which grew into a terrible mangle. I am no longer afraid To face these dark roots that were made I am free from being in terrors Just because of these roots and errors. 
Jesus is Not Beyond the Menagerie That He can clearly see. No, He is the Savior and Master of all And on Him I will call ~ And pray to be free from this sin I bear No matter how long its been there To find the freedom reserved for me As He opens the way and I agree With the truth I have feared to realize For so many years...I listened to lies. But now I face with my Savior All that remains behind closed doors And rejoice in this process of being set free To serve my King and help others to see That our Treasure Inside can awaken And no longer be in a prison.   That it IS possible to be released ~ From this BITTER ROOT As I keep on giving it the BOOT! UNEARTH ME 1/31/14 O Captain of my life Walk thru the caverns of my soul And there shine Your searchlight In all this buried darkness. Find the hurts and wounds Crying out for Your Fresh healing touches. Lift out the hidden sins I need to confess And pull out the roots that poison my soul. Most of all, draw my desperate, longing ‘treasure inside’ ~             my real person ~ made in Your Image to shine forth             yet more and more unto You unto true intimacy
You know that is my heart’s cry!
May there be a strengthening Of this blessed part in me Expressing Your Love and Light To those waiting in hope
In the darkness of this world.

 Higher Still  ~~  song ~~ 4/21/14

Bring me into the Holy of Holies

Draw me far beyond this veil

Take me higher and higher, dear Savior 

Leave me not where I am today.

Silence of my Heart ~~ prose ~~ 5/15/14

There is a place that's very sweet

That reverent silence of my heart

Where all that troubles me 

Seems to fade away

And quiet morsels of life giving food

Saturate my hungry soul

As I sit in full enjoyment

And perfect satisfaction in all

That Jesus desires.

And as He envelopes me with

His canopy of love,

Heavenly beams of light

Penetrate my being

And I seem to be transported

To another realm . . . 

Indeed, I am. 

When all my thoughts seem to swirl with turbulence within my soul

And I cannot stand upon all I thought so true and dear,

It’s then I turn to My Beloved Jesus…

With all my cries for help ~ and all my flowing tears ~

With all my heart.

Jesus, You are my truth

You are my calm

You are my clarity in all

I throw myself at your

Nail-scarred feet.

Have mercy on me

Have compassion on me

Break through to the deep of the deeps of my being

And meet me there and soothe

My troubled soul.

In the secret place where your light shines brightly

On all my dark spots and varied questions,

You show me the straight path…always.

You are so committed to being personally faithful


I embrace your love

And I know your heart

Is good and pure

And strong…

You incline Yourself toward me.

The clear and plain path comes to me

And opens up to such Beauty ~

Is it the answer to all my questions?

Is everything fixed up now, Jesus?

Will it ever seem to all “fit together”?

I perceive You have a higher calling for one such as I

Who is also acquainted with grief and sorrows and sadness.

You embrace all of me ~ all I’ve suffered ~

All I’ve needed forgiveness for ~

All the ravages and effects of my poor soul,

Which is precious in your sight.

You assure me that I am in the center of Your vision

As You have lovingly worked in me through all.

And I am learning to draw closer

To come deeper

And receive a richness in You that I yet long for

In our relationship.

To see Your radiant beauty

Calling me to trust, yet more.

I, too, am called to bring glory to my King!

You truly are in loving charge of every part of me,

That wondrous tapestry of life

With all it’s unexpected twists and turns,

It’s swirls and bumps and bruises and

Pain and fears and terror and…

You are not ashamed of Your sufferings and

You are not ashamed of mine as well.

Yes, it is all mysterious

For if You weren’t a Mystery,

Then You would not be the Living God of the Universe!

I thank You again for everything and all

Which You have used and yet use to perform Your own

Marvelous wonders of transformation…

That I may become yet another Trophy of Grace.


An afterword...As great as your MAJESTY, O God, so great is your MERCY.


THE SWEET PLACE --- 5/16/14

There is a place that's very sweet

That reverent silence of my heart

Where all that troubles me

Seems to fade away

And quiet morsels of life-giving food

Saturate my hungry soul

As I sit in full enjoyment

And perfect satisfaction in all

That Jesus desires.

As He envelopes me with

His canopy of love,

Heavenly beams of light

Penetrate my being

And I seem to be transported

To another realm...

Indeed...I am.

THE GOD OF TRUTH---9/29/2015

The world system is a matrix of LIES
It always was--from the beginning and even so--it is NOW.
Look not for any answers within it's covert and overt CRIES
Look only to your Perfect God of Truth and BOW.

O God, my beautiful Creator, I worship YOU
I love the way You feed me from your depths of KNOWLEDGE
So I can see and know all I am to Be and DO ~
With all my heart I thank You for Your protective HEDGE.

Here in your arms of love and COMFORT
I feel so safe from the barrage of DECEPTIONS
That ever rages across this world's COURT
To woo and entice the wandering darkened ONES.

There will never be enough WORDS
To thank You and praise You for all You mean to ME.
Your attentive care, Your Light and Your STANDARDS
Making clear for me everything I need to SEE.

And what do I see...that everything is upside down and BACKWARDS

Rabbit holes across this flat earth WITH NO BOTTOM IN SIGHT

Sheeple who are ever asleep, as though ZOMBIES

Caught and chained in a prison of DARKNESS.

Yet there will always be those who are ever SEEKING

And who love the truth...we are WIDE AWAKE!

In this I rejoice and celebrate life as NEVER BEFORE!

I enjoy my life and the lives of OTHER AWAKENED SOULS...


Inspired by the Lord as I accepted the truth about myself in not being

able to pursue schooling due to the brain damage. Also, I think of the homeless women

in the Bethlehem Emergency Shelters program. Jesus truly has called me to become a part of this ministry and I thank Him with my whole heart.


For sure, without You, my King

I would have fallen thru the cracks

A long time ago.

I so remember crying out

To You innumerable times

As I felt myself

Sinking as though I would

Be engulfed by that

Imaginary, yet so seemingly

Real crack underneath

My sore, exhausted body.

And You would come along

And rescue me just in time. . .

Always, just in time.

I am one who strongly desires You

And sorely needs You. . .

For there is no other who knows me

And understands me like You do. . .

No, not one.

And so I come

After You and Your Pure and Perfect Love ---

Limping though I may . . .

I will ever be limping after You,

For there is no other,

No, not one, my King,

My Love, my True Friend.

God of the Limping ones,

I love You so, and I know You love me.

So limp I will and follow hard

After You, my Love

As You lead the way---

Where. . . I do not know

But I trust You with all my heart.

To love You and hear You,

To perceive You is my delight

To see your loving Heart and Hands

At work with my own

So lifts my heart

And I will ever be grateful to You. . .

For I know that no one else

Can awaken them

To Your Love and

So I wait on You with

My trusting heart.

For I know You love them dearly

And You love me. I love You so.

Though I may be a limping one,

You are ever Limitless

In all You are and in all You do

And I know You always see my thoughts

And hear my cries and prayers

And give loving attention to me . . .

So I cast myself on You---

Your Limping child.

I love You so.


My flowing tears

O how blessed they are…

To You my Beloved

And to me as well.

Healing takes place

Deep within me

In those secret places

In Your Loving Heart.

You visit me in yet unknown rooms

To sweetly touch--to hear my cries

For You know my needs

To be set free.

I kneel in You with tears that flow

For You, O Lord,

I know You have them pressed into

Your Heart of Love…


My flowing tears.


The beautiful reins of God hold tightly onto me, His own

For I am truly flesh of His flesh & bone of His bone

Faithfully He does His secret works within

To transform from me my sin.

While He holds closely the reins of my life

I can trust that He is

Delivering me from my strife.

Oh yes, Lord, please keep

Your powerful Hands on the reins of me

This is the way I will be able to see.

All you desire in my path of light

Is to remove my hands

From the reins that I might walk with

New Sight…

Thereby bowing in loss

That I might Embrace the Cross.

Beautiful Savior -- Beautiful Reins.


posted on Holy

Spirit Blessings--3/24/2016

By the Hand of my King

There is no other way

For even though it seems to be

By other hands, you see

Behind it all~~there is always

The Hand of my King.

Invisible and yet so powerfully

He moves in marvelous ways

To orchestrate my very life

Yes, each and every day.

Weaving a tapestry of mystery

Satisfying Him abundantly.

Truly, I will become all He desires

For I am His most excellent prize.

Yea, He is unsearchable in all

And yet so very near

Hearing my every call

For I am His temple

Bought with a price

And by the Hand of my King

All these marvels make my heart sing!


THERE IS HOPE                          6/2016

In the midst of my mourning

You come ~ quietly

To my inner world of

Stillness ~ you know

All of me--more than I’ll

Ever know & You understand my

Painful journey ~ the unrequited desires

The unleashed potentials,

The deep sadness & yet… ever

Ever the hope that swells within me.

Then I look on Your loving,

Welcoming Face

And sigh a sigh of love & inner calmness

And I remember…those who hope

In Your mercy will not be

Ashamed or disappointed.

Yes, in the midst of my mourning

You come ~ quietly

To soothe my weary soul

To lift my drooping head

To touch my aching heart

And You bring a fresh smile

To my face ~ for You

In the midst of my mourning…

You bring me fresh HOPE.

Psalm 119:116
Uphold me according unto Your word, that I may live: and let me not be ashamed of my hope.

Proverbs 13:12
Hope deferred makes the heart sick: but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.


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